Who we are?

REI is a London based contemporary designer manufacturing brand that specializes in making bespoke handcrafted pieces of fine 18ct gold jewellery. Every piece of jewellery has a sense of uniqueness about them that makes every piece of our jewellery unique to the person buying it. The process of making such fine pieces of jewellery is in house with the internationally certified unit.

Our jewellery is handcrafted and made by the artesian for whom this art of making handmade jewellery is in their heritage thus each piece when seen or felt feels like magic. Every piece is carefully incepted and the stones in our jewellery are hand picked for each piece from a wide array of stones so that our customer gets the best. The stone is hand-cut to perfection by these artesian and the jewellery is ready thereby giving the bespokness every piece of jewellery deserves.

The jewellery is designed keeping in mind the culture and traditions of our customers and then adding our unique design element to it. We from our designs try to blend the touch of modern designing with traditional values that would be evident from every piece of jewellery you see.

Our designers work meticulously in understanding the Fashion trends in the market and seasonal colour preferences so that they these points reflect in the designs they make, so that our customer gets the newest thing in the market and they can flaunt them.

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